DIY Design Crawls

Experience Filipino design culture through our do-it-yourself design tours in the country’s UNESCO Creative Cities Baguio and Cebu and the historic district of Escolta. Each online and printable map highlights key spots that show the uniqueness of our country’s creativity, from our weaving heritage and indigenous cultures, to Filipino urbanism and the artistic potential of the youth, and so much more. Take us with you and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

From October 14 to 21

What is Design Week Philippines?

Howdy, partner! Design Center is rounding up some folks to help expand our design community. Let us help support your upcoming design event during Design Week Philippines and become part of our vibrant Philippine Design scene!









Frequently Asked Questions

As a virtual attendee, how do I access my certificate for attending the virtual events?

For all the main event sessions that you have completed, a certificate will be provided given that you’ve completed our feedback form . Certificate processing will take at least 1 to 2 working days.

Can I access and view recordings of any virtual events from the design festival?

All Design Week Philippines events organized by Design Center will be made available for you to access at no additional charge. You can also view any sessions you missed out on as soon as the recordings for those sessions have been uploaded on our official YouTube Channel. Access to recordings of our Partner Events is upon the discretion of our design partners. We encourage you to join our sessions LIVE!

What do I need to do on the day of the virtual events?

For talks and masterclasses, we encourage you to actively participate by mindfully listening to the interesting discussions from our speakers. For workshops, there are few workshop materials that you need to prepare which are mostly available in your home. Make sure to read the session details in our registration form so you won’t miss out anything.  We also encourage you to share your thoughts about the sessions by joining us on the comment section of the livestream. We want to hear from you! :) You can also host a watch party or share the livestream of our events and make sure to use the hashtags #DesignWeekPH2021 #10yearsofDesignWeekPH #DesignConnections.

What do I need to prepare to access virtual events?

All you need is your laptop, desktop, or mobile device and a stable internet connection to access the events. For sessions that will be held in Zoom and Kumu, make sure you have the app downloaded. Don’t worry! An email reminder will be sent to you to guide you on the week-long event.

Who can join the virtual events?

Design Week Philippines is a celebration of Filipino creativity and innovation! We especially curated the virtual events to cater all types of audiences, from Professional Designers, Design Enthusiasts, Yuppies, Business Owners, Students, Kids and Families, and more. You are very welcome to attend. Check out our events page for more details and register for activities you are interested in joining.

Are the virtual events free-of-charge?

Most of the virtual events are free-of-charge. However, some partner events offer paid tickets that cost from PHP 500 (USD 10) to PHP 3000 (USD 60). You can check our events page for admission details to our virtual events.

Up until when will the events be held? Where can I see the schedule?

Design events for this year will be held from October to November 2021. Check out our events page for the schedule of our virtual events.

How can I join the virtual sessions?

You may watch the sessions via Zoom, Kumu App and the official Facebook Page of DTI-Design Center of the Philippines.

1. Log in to your registered email during the event time and access the Eventbrite link.
2. Click the event link from the Eventbrite email and you will be redirected to Zoom.
3. Follow the instructions per Zoom and enter the session.

1. Visit the DTI-Design Center of the Philippines Facebook Page.
2. Click like to be notified of the latest streaming sessions of Design Week Philippines.
3. Go to the Videos tab of the page.
4. Click the latest videos.

1. Go to the App store (for Apple devices) or Play store (for Android devices) and download the latest version of Kumu.
2. Sign up for an account and fill out the necessary details to complete the registration.
3. Visit @dtidesigncenterph and click on Follow to get updates on the latest happenings in Design Week Philippines.

Do I need to register to attend the virtual events?

Yes! You can check our line-up of activities in the design week calendar for virtual events and sign up by clicking the Register button in the upper portion the website.

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Howdy, partner! We’re rounding up some folks to help expand our design community. Let us help support your upcoming design event during Design Week Philippines and become part of our vibrant Philippine Design scene!